UN Approves Ban Fly Zone Over Libya, Military Action Can Be Done

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The UN Security Council passed a resolution against Libya. This latest resolution called for and took all necessary steps against forces loyal to the Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi. In the voting session of the UN Security Council in New York, 10 member states approve the resolution. While five countries: Russia, China, Brazil, Germany and India abstained.

This resolution allows foreign countries to enforce no-fly zone over the region of Libya. With the no-fly, automatically there is no single aircraft, except aircraft for humanitarian missions and aircraft authorized the UN and Arab League, which is allowed to exit or enter from a number of airports in Libya. With the enactment of no-fly zone will also make the Libyan Air Force can not deploy all the aircraft to attack the rebel-controlled territory.

In the resolution, as reported by news agency AFP on Friday (18/03/2011), the UN Security Council also called for cessation of violence and all attacks against civilians Libya. This resolution allows member countries to “take all steps necessary” to protect civilians and areas that were attacked troops Gaddafi, including Benghazi.

With this resolution, foreign forces could launch air strikes on Gaddafi’s forces if they continue to fight the rebels. According to British sources, the first attack, will likely be performed by unmanned airplanes. Libyan opposition group has welcomed the UN resolution. “All citizens of Libya is now very happy, they are very happy even though this resolution came very, very late. But we were really excited and happy,” said Hadi Shalluf, leader of the Democratic Justice Party and Libya as reported by Press TV on Friday (18 / 3 / 2011).

Shalluf also thanked the French President Nicolas Sarkozy and U.S. President Barack Obama, who he said had been helpful in the adoption of the resolution.


Three Major Disaster In Japan

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Toughness Japan faces pressure three major disasters at once, ie, earthquakes, tsunamis, and nuclear radiation, amaze the world. Japan’s international reputation as a strong country received wide acclaim. Not the looting to strengthen the image of “civilized nations”.

The Japanese government on Tuesday (15 / 3), continues to spur the process of evacuation and relief distribution to disaster areas previously unreached. All the strength and resources deployed to a maximum of northeastern Japan, the region worst hit by the tsunami.

Evacuation of tsunami victims went along with the evacuation of thousands of citizens who are threatened exposure to nuclear radiation at the Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) Fukushima Daiichi, north of Tokyo. Fukushima Prefecture was also included one of the victims of the earthquake and tsunami that occurred on Friday.

Television, print media, radio, and news sites online in around the world have released a disaster. It is amazing the world, the whole incident as well as dramatic and thrilling moments of Japanese television filmed the seconds, since the initial earthquake, tsunami, flood water until it “stationary”.

Japan then preach the drama of natural fury that left more than 10,000 people were killed and 10,000 people missing around the world. Although time to panic, Japan quickly got up, took all his strength, ranging from troops, ships, until the aircraft. The number of soldiers was increased two-fold than 51,000 personnel to 100,000 personnel. A total of 145 of 170 hospitals across the affected areas fully operational.

Despite hunger and water crises plagued the millions of people along thousands of kilometers east coast of Honshu Island and other islands in Japan, the victims waited patiently and orderly distribution logistics. Until the fourth day after the disaster, Tuesday, does not sound acts of looting and other despicable acts.

Associated Press describes, Japanese residents still face the problem that caused the disaster. The other side of Japanese society is taught despite their long-suffering overwhelmed grief of losing loved ones. They patiently waited for assistance. Governments can be more calm to focus on evacuation, rescue, and logistics distribution.

Latest disaster is the danger of nuclear radiation caused three explosions and fires in a Nuclear Power Plant Fukushima Daiichi. Of the six nuclear reactors, four of which have been problematic. Japan learned from the case of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant and build its system better. The government guarantee there would be no Chernobyl incident in Japan.

“The United Nations has not taken steps before there is demand. Japan is the country best prepared in the world (the face of disaster), “said Elisabeth Byrs, a spokeswoman for the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), told Reuters .

Byrs continued, “The Japanese responded to three emergency at once, ie, earthquakes, tsunamis and the nuclear threat, and doing very well.”

The bloggers and users of social networking sites in English praised Japan as a nation are brave ( Stoic ) and wondered about the ability of other nations, especially in the West, if it was rocked by three major disasters at once. They praised the Japanese are a great nation, strong and ethical.

Harvard University professor, Joseph Nye, said the disaster has given birth to Japan as the nation’s soft power . The term was created to depict Japan achieve its goal by appearing more attractive to other nations.

When disaster and humanitarian tragedy invite sympathy from the world of Japan, the image of the affected country rarely benefit from the disaster. Pakistan, for example, received U.S. aid and other countries when hit by flash floods last year. However, very few individual assistance, which caused the country’s image in the eyes of the world. China and Haiti also faces criticism over the handling of the earthquake in 2008 and 2009.

Faced with the need for large-scale reconstruction fund, Japan is still considering an international bid. “Despite devastating hit by tragedy, a sad event, there are features that are very interesting from Japan,” said Nye told AFP .

“Too early to predict whether they succeeded in restoring the economy. However, viewed from afar, the Japanese people during the crisis showed fortitude. This speaks volumes about Japan in the future, “said Deputy Director of the Center for Strategic and International Studies Nicholas Széchenyi.

Nuclear Explosion

Story of Japanese Citizens Seeking Their Families After the Tsunami

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Japan ravaged by the tsunami as high as 14 meters. One of the severely impacted areas, the Miyagi Prefecture. This area now looks like a stretch of terrain with the carcasses pile of iron, wood, and the human body.

As reported by Time, Tuesday (15/03/2011), Roads in Sendai, the capital of Miyagi, wet with sea water and mud puddles. Some residents appear to be on the road, looking for missing relatives.

One of them is Masahira Kasamatsu (76), a farmer from outside the city of Sendai. Masahira came with his wife Emiko to find his most precious treasure, Yoko Oosato, his daughter who lives in Sendai.

“I’m looking for my son. His name is Yoko Oosato whether you see it?” Masahira said.

Masahira daughter, Yoko, have lived in Sendai for more than 30 years. Her daughter worked at the Sendai Airport who took part destroyed by the flood of sea water and earthquakes. Airport itself was filled with debris, mud, the carcasses of cars and planes.

Masahira told, after the earthquake and tsunami on March 11, 2011 and, with his wife, he went to Sendai to drive their personal cars, to search for Yoko. Masahira contact her since the tsunami struck Sendai, unfortunately the phone calls is not bearing fruit.

It took 3 days to reach Sendai. The roads leading to Sendai Airport barely passable. In the middle of the road, vehicle fuel discharged Masahira, Masahira and Emiko spend the night in their cars, without heating and fuel. The next day, Masahira decided to walk to reach Sendai airport.

“I know so many died in the airport,” he said.

When entering the airport Sendai, Masahira can see car pile as high as 6 meters and a few pine trees that break down the walls of the building.

“I know that my child may be only one, among so many dead. But my deepest hope is that he is still alive. That’s the only prayer now,” said Masahira.

Not only Emko Masahira and searching for ‘treasure’ hers, thousands of Japanese families continue to look for their relatives who disappeared after the tsunami struck Japan’s largest ever.

In northern Japan, the family continues to search for their missing relatives. They still do not know whether the people they love are still alive or already dead. Some 10,000 people remain missing to this day.

Tsunami Japanese

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Monday (03/14/2011), a new three-meter high tsunami was rolling toward the coast of northeastern Japan is destroyed by a similar disaster on Friday. Japanese authorities say, the new tsunami will reach the coast within a few minutes. Waves can be seen from a firefighting helicopter belonging Fukushima Prefecture, according to television reports. Meanwhile, NHK television said around 11:20 local time (or 09:20 pm GMT) tsunami will occur within 15 minutes. Sea levels are seen receding in Iwate Prefecture in northeastern Honshu Island, a phenomenon that usually happens before the devastating tsunami waves. Earlier, an earthquake occurred off the coast at about 140 kilometers (87 miles) northeast of Tokyo. Gempat shook tall buildings in the capital city of Japan, but the authorities did not issue a tsunami warning. According to the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), gempat the magnitude 5.8 and centered at a depth of 18 kilometers.


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Jang Geun-suk

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Jang Geun-suk (Korean: 장근석;張根碩 lahir 4 Agustus 1987; umur 23 tahun) adalah aktor dan penyanyi asal Korea Selatan. Ia dikenal sejak berperan sebagai Kim Eun-ho, dalam serial televisi Korea Selatan Hwang Jin-i.

Kaget juga ngeliat betapa cepat menanjak karirnya tidak seperti saya ini :D

Mungkin nantinya dia bisa go international seperti Jet Lee dan Jacky Chen namun tentu dengan tanpa kungfunya melainkan suaranya yang khas.

Wajahnya yang baby face sudah pasti pujaan para cewe-cewe, keliatan sekali dia akan menjadi arti yang terkenal bahkan akan bisa ke holywood.

Ukuran undangan pernikahan

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Pada artikel tutorial photoshop kali ini, saya akan membahas tentang pembuatan undangan pernikahan, sesuai dengan permintaan dari beberapa teman. Namun yang akan saya bahas kali ini adalah yang sifatnya umum. Pengertian umum disini maksudnya bahwa saya tidak akan membahas tentang cara pembuatan gambar-gambarnya, karena untuk membuat gambar / desain tergantung pada kemampuan pembuatnya sendiri.

Kemampuan disini berarti bahwa agar kita bisa membuat sebuah gambar desain, kita harus mempunyai kreativitas, dan imajinasi. Dan tentu saja pemahaman atas tool-tool atau tehnik pada photoshop.

Dari beberapa tutorial yang pernah saya bahas di blog Belajar Tutorial Photoshop ini, sebenarnya sudah mencukupi untuk membuat sebuah gambar desain. Anda bisa menerapkan pemahaman Anda tentang pembuatan seleksi, cara menggabung gambar, mengganti warna, dan tutorial photoshop lainnya.

Undangan pernikahan, secara umum mempunyai ukuran yang berbeda-beda. Yang pasti, karena undangan pernikahan ini akan dicetak, maka resolusi yang digunakan antara 300 hingga 600 dpi.

Berikut ini beberapa contoh ukuran yang bisa digunakan sebagai undangan pernikahan.

tutorial photoshop undangan pernikahan 1

tutorial photoshop undangan pernikahan 2

tutorial photoshop undangan pernikahan 3

Tentang pemilihan jenis huruf, biasanya undangan pernikahan menggunakan jenis huruf hias. Huruf-huruf ini terdapat banyak di internet, tinggal Anda cari saja di google, atau di mesin pencari lain. Begitu juga dengan bentuk-bentuk ornamen yang digunakan.

Salah satu hal yang biasa muncul pada undangan pernikahan adalah sebuah kotak yang digunakan untuk menempatkan nama dan alamat orang yang diundang. Kotak seperti ini bisa dibuat dengan menggunakan Rounded Rectangle Tool.

Jangan lupa sebutkan nama kedua mempelai berikut nama orang tua / keluarganya. Demikian juga dengan waktu pelaksanaan pernikahan dan alamatnya. Jika perlu, buatkan juga denah tempat berlangsungnya acara. Denah alamat akan lebih mudah cara pembuatannya dengan CorelDraw.

Sertakan juga kata-kata mutiara. Biasanya kedua mempelai sudah mempunyai bayangan / rancangan sendiri tentang kata-kata tersebut. Jika belum, maka carilah sendiri kata-katanya. Jika mempelai tersebut beragama Islam biasanya menggunakan ayat-ayat Al Qur’an, hadist, puisi-puisi karangan pujangga Islam.

Berikut ini beberapa ayat Al Qur’an yang biasa disertakan dalam undangan pernikahan.

  • Qs. Ar. Ruum (30) : 21“Dan di antara tanda-tanda kekuasaan-Nya ialah Dia menciptakan untukmu isteri-isteri dari jenismu sendiri, supaya kamu cenderung dan merasa tenteram kepadanya, dan dijadikan-Nya di antaramu rasa kasih dan sayang. Sesungguhnya pada yang demikian itu benar-benar terdapat tanda-tanda bagi kaum yang berpikir.

    Selain ayat tersebut, bisa juga beberapa ayat berikut ini:

  • Qs. An Nisaa (4) : 1 sampai 3
  • Qs. An Nahl (16) : 72
  • QS. Al-Isra (17) : 32
  • QS. An Nuur (24) : 26
  • QS. An Nuur (24) : 32
  • Qs. Yaa Siin (36) : 36
  • QS. Adz Dzariyaat (51) : 49
  • QS. Al-A’raf (7) : 189

Barangkali ada yang membutuhkan, silahkan Anda kunjungi juga www.quranexplorer.com.

Bagi yang beragama lain, mohon maaf saya tidak punya refensinya. Tapi tentunya itu mudah dicari, karena Anda bisa mencontoh dari undangan-undangan pernikahan yang sudah ada atau yang pernah Anda terima. Sebagai tambahan referensi, Anda bisa mengunjungi www.sabda.org.

Saya dulu hobi mengoleksi undangan-undangan pernikahan. Sebenarnya dulu sudah terkumpul banyak, rencananya juga untuk referensi membuat undangan (dulu saya pernah juga bekerja sebagai tukang sablon). Namun sekarang entah dimana kumpulan koleksi saya tersebut, sudah banyak yang hilang.

Apabila Anda ingin melihat beberapa contoh undangan pernikahan, Anda bisa berkunjung di blog mas Adamska.

Saya mohon maaf, bahwa saya hingga saat ini belum bisa membuat contoh undangan pernikahan. Jika saya dipaksa harus membuat sebuah undangan, maka hasilnya akan seperti gambar dibawah ini, agak aneh dan menyedihkan (walaupun mungkin yang merasa sedih ya cuma saya sendiri).

tutorial photoshop undangan perceraian

Mungkin besok suatu ketika kalau saya sudah bisa membuat undangan pernikahan akan saya buatkan contohnya di blog ini.

Selamat mencoba membuat undangan pernikahan dengan Photoshop ataupun CorelDraw / CorelPhotopaint. Segeralah menikah bagi yang sudah siap. Dan selamat menikah bagi yang sudah , dan bagi yang ingin nambah seperti saya.


Tutorial yang terkait

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