Three Major Disaster In Japan

Toughness Japan faces pressure three major disasters at once, ie, earthquakes, tsunamis, and nuclear radiation, amaze the world. Japan’s international reputation as a strong country received wide acclaim. Not the looting to strengthen the image of “civilized nations”.

The Japanese government on Tuesday (15 / 3), continues to spur the process of evacuation and relief distribution to disaster areas previously unreached. All the strength and resources deployed to a maximum of northeastern Japan, the region worst hit by the tsunami.

Evacuation of tsunami victims went along with the evacuation of thousands of citizens who are threatened exposure to nuclear radiation at the Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) Fukushima Daiichi, north of Tokyo. Fukushima Prefecture was also included one of the victims of the earthquake and tsunami that occurred on Friday.

Television, print media, radio, and news sites online in around the world have released a disaster. It is amazing the world, the whole incident as well as dramatic and thrilling moments of Japanese television filmed the seconds, since the initial earthquake, tsunami, flood water until it “stationary”.

Japan then preach the drama of natural fury that left more than 10,000 people were killed and 10,000 people missing around the world. Although time to panic, Japan quickly got up, took all his strength, ranging from troops, ships, until the aircraft. The number of soldiers was increased two-fold than 51,000 personnel to 100,000 personnel. A total of 145 of 170 hospitals across the affected areas fully operational.

Despite hunger and water crises plagued the millions of people along thousands of kilometers east coast of Honshu Island and other islands in Japan, the victims waited patiently and orderly distribution logistics. Until the fourth day after the disaster, Tuesday, does not sound acts of looting and other despicable acts.

Associated Press describes, Japanese residents still face the problem that caused the disaster. The other side of Japanese society is taught despite their long-suffering overwhelmed grief of losing loved ones. They patiently waited for assistance. Governments can be more calm to focus on evacuation, rescue, and logistics distribution.

Latest disaster is the danger of nuclear radiation caused three explosions and fires in a Nuclear Power Plant Fukushima Daiichi. Of the six nuclear reactors, four of which have been problematic. Japan learned from the case of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant and build its system better. The government guarantee there would be no Chernobyl incident in Japan.

“The United Nations has not taken steps before there is demand. Japan is the country best prepared in the world (the face of disaster), “said Elisabeth Byrs, a spokeswoman for the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), told Reuters .

Byrs continued, “The Japanese responded to three emergency at once, ie, earthquakes, tsunamis and the nuclear threat, and doing very well.”

The bloggers and users of social networking sites in English praised Japan as a nation are brave ( Stoic ) and wondered about the ability of other nations, especially in the West, if it was rocked by three major disasters at once. They praised the Japanese are a great nation, strong and ethical.

Harvard University professor, Joseph Nye, said the disaster has given birth to Japan as the nation’s soft power . The term was created to depict Japan achieve its goal by appearing more attractive to other nations.

When disaster and humanitarian tragedy invite sympathy from the world of Japan, the image of the affected country rarely benefit from the disaster. Pakistan, for example, received U.S. aid and other countries when hit by flash floods last year. However, very few individual assistance, which caused the country’s image in the eyes of the world. China and Haiti also faces criticism over the handling of the earthquake in 2008 and 2009.

Faced with the need for large-scale reconstruction fund, Japan is still considering an international bid. “Despite devastating hit by tragedy, a sad event, there are features that are very interesting from Japan,” said Nye told AFP .

“Too early to predict whether they succeeded in restoring the economy. However, viewed from afar, the Japanese people during the crisis showed fortitude. This speaks volumes about Japan in the future, “said Deputy Director of the Center for Strategic and International Studies Nicholas Széchenyi.

Nuclear Explosion


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