UN Approves Ban Fly Zone Over Libya, Military Action Can Be Done

The UN Security Council passed a resolution against Libya. This latest resolution called for and took all necessary steps against forces loyal to the Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi. In the voting session of the UN Security Council in New York, 10 member states approve the resolution. While five countries: Russia, China, Brazil, Germany and India abstained.

This resolution allows foreign countries to enforce no-fly zone over the region of Libya. With the no-fly, automatically there is no single aircraft, except aircraft for humanitarian missions and aircraft authorized the UN and Arab League, which is allowed to exit or enter from a number of airports in Libya. With the enactment of no-fly zone will also make the Libyan Air Force can not deploy all the aircraft to attack the rebel-controlled territory.

In the resolution, as reported by news agency AFP on Friday (18/03/2011), the UN Security Council also called for cessation of violence and all attacks against civilians Libya. This resolution allows member countries to “take all steps necessary” to protect civilians and areas that were attacked troops Gaddafi, including Benghazi.

With this resolution, foreign forces could launch air strikes on Gaddafi’s forces if they continue to fight the rebels. According to British sources, the first attack, will likely be performed by unmanned airplanes. Libyan opposition group has welcomed the UN resolution. “All citizens of Libya is now very happy, they are very happy even though this resolution came very, very late. But we were really excited and happy,” said Hadi Shalluf, leader of the Democratic Justice Party and Libya as reported by Press TV on Friday (18 / 3 / 2011).

Shalluf also thanked the French President Nicolas Sarkozy and U.S. President Barack Obama, who he said had been helpful in the adoption of the resolution.


~ oleh endjoyaja pada Maret 18, 2011.

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